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Explosion-proof equipment standards

Explosion-proof equipment standards

Standard ATEX (Atmospheres Explosibles) explosive mixtures of gases were introduced 01.08.2003 in accordance with the requirements of the European Union 94/9/EC, which replaced the old CENELEC and used in Europe. Applies to electrical and mechanical equipment, as well as protective equipment for use in hazardous areas like underground and on the surface.

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Extension line VGA over twisted pair (5Cat) at 80m

This device is necessary for the transmission of audio and video signals to large distances from the signal source. The device from which the signal is received is connected to the receiving unit, and to the transmitting unit is a monitor or display for receiving the signal, a cable (twisted pair) is used between the receiver and the transmitter to extend the signal to 80 meters.


  • The transmitting unit S of the VGA line amplifier

  • Receiver unit R of the VGA amplifier

  • VGA cable (plug-in connector) - 1.2 m

  • External power supply - 12 Volts (DC) *

  • User's Manual

* - the power supply unit is connected to the transmitting or receiving unit, depending on the convenience of local installation. The power of the other unit is via the transmitter.

General characteristics:

  • one cable connection category 5

  • technology "power through the cable" about

  • Ensuring the operation of any unit from one power supply unit

  • built-in equalizer

  • Supports video resolution 1600 x 1200

  • convenient and prompt installation

   VGA input / output connector

HD-15 fmale x1

   RG-45 connector


   Max. resolution    2048 x 1536 60 kHz
   Max. length of cable    80 m
   Power Supply    DC 12V 600 mA
   Housing    metal
   The weight      135 grams      140 g
   Dimensions    92 x 34 x 22 mm


1. Turn off the computer

2. Connect the signal source to the input connector of the transmission amplifier of the line amplifier

3. Connect the monitor to the VGA output of the transmitter

4.Vitoy pair of category 5 (RG-45) connect the transmitter and receiver

5. Switch on all devices

Transmission over twisted pair CAT.5 / 5E and CAT.6


 CAT.5 / 5E

     50 m  2048 x 1536
          80 m      1280 x 1024
 1024 x 768
 800 x 600
        CAT.6      30 m  1920 x 1440
     50 m  1280 x 1024
     80 m  800 x 600

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