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Reflecta 1 - is a professional magnetic compass. Mounted on the various types of coastal vessels and large yachts and fast patrol boats. It has a modular configuration. Meets all major national and international requirements.
Certified by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
The body is made of reinforced fiberglass that can withstand adverse environmental conditions. Moreover, he defends the compass from shock and vibration. Accuracy, temperature and dynamic characteristics to meet international standards.
Reflecta 1 has a special certificate, issued after individual testing of the compass guarantees the high quality of all products from Cassens & Plath brand.
The set includes all the necessary components, such as a mirror magnetic compass, azimuth device, reflection tube correctors (included in rack - optional), lighting, emergency lighting and fasteners.
Instead of vertical reflective tube horizontal optical path length of up to two meters can be installed.
  • Diameter compass rose - 180 mm
  • Graduation compass rose - 1 degree
  • The maximum length of the optical transmission - 3000 mm
  • Power lighting Compass - 110.220 VAC
  • Power lighting Compass - 24 V DC
  • Power consumption - 40 W

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