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Digital System bilateral handsfree UNITALK performs the task of providing two-way communication between users of the system, and also allows subscribers to broadcast their own radio programs and audio from external devices.

UNITALK system may consist of one (or more ) central units, control panels, as well as various substations and peripheral devices suitable for use in marine and river vessels. The central unit of the system is an electronic device that is similar in structure and operation to the network hub . Central units are digital and hybrid. The latter allows you to connect devices other than digital subscriber still analog.

The system comes with various subscriber and peripheral devices approved for use in various climatic conditions, including at sites with high levels of noise, dust and humidity. 
Features two-way speakerphone UNITALK:
  • connectable dispatch consoles ( limited to a maximum number of channels of the system) ;
  • ability to configure priorities;
  • Use dispatch consoles as subscriber substations;
  • connectivity ' each - with each ' (users can maintain communication with other subscribers on their own without the participation of the main control room );
  • possibility of communication between the two subscriber units for direct connection to a friend , etc. ( without the participation of the central unit );
  • selective and group call subscribers;
  • establishment of zones loud notification ;
  • connection to the dispatch console remote communication stations .
  • Dispatch consoles and subscribers
  • The use of modern digital communication technologies in the system provides high UNITALK Immunity system , and the organization of information transmission in a double line power (regardless of polarity ) , greatly simplifies the process of commissioning reduces costs .
  • easily scalable architecture ( system may consist of several central units , connected without additional tweaks to existing computer (IP) networks );
  • easy to connect substations and dispatch consoles to the central unit ( two-wire link , without polarity) ;
  • automatic detection of connected devices ( mode Plug and Play), without restarting the system ;
  • increased noise immunity , reliability and high quality of communication ;
  • built-in AUX ( for broadcasting system subscribers signals from external devices );
  • special port to connect the system alert or alarm;
  • Availability service USB / Ethernet port ( for setup and configuration of all devices in the system using a computer );
  • Availability 0dB output port to send messages to an external broadcast setting with the possibility of activating the right areas of broadcast or write DDR ;
  • link length up to 700 m (distance from the central unit substations );
  • simultaneous use of both analog and digital substations ( with hybrid types of central units );
  • possibility of complete replacement of outdated communications systems without changing cables .
General characteristics of the system:
  • Degree of protection IP22, IP44, IP56 
  • Operating temperature -20  .. +55 ° C 
  • Storage temperature -55 .. +70 ° C 
Electrical characteristics of the system 
  • Voltage .. 18.5 36.0 VDC. current 
  • Power consumption depends on the number of connected substations

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