Repair and service of gyrocompasses


Repair and service of gyrocompasses

Gyrocompasses (GK) are used in determining the direction of the true meridian (course and bearing).
Carrying out timely maintenance of gyrocompasses ensure its continuous operation and is carried out only by qualified service specialists.

Maintenance of gyrocompasses consists of the following works:
  • Complete defect of the gyroscopic compasses and their periphery;
  • Selection of converters course, their repair and restoration;
  • Peripheral network setup;
  • Elimination of permanent amendments;
  • Maintenance of gyrocompassless gyrocompasses;
  • Repair and replacement of gyrocompass boards;
  • Replacement of the gyrosphere (sensitive element).
If the gyro compass is malfunctioning, contact the service center immediately.

For self-checking, you can perform the following actions:
1. Perform an inspection:
  • Check the current and temperature of the sphere;
  • Check the operating time of the sphere;
2. Turn off the:
  • Drain the liquid;
  • Dismantle and inspect the container;
  • Examine the sphere, write down its number;
3. If everything is ok:
  • Collect the container;
  • Pour liquid;
  • Run in the work;
4. After commissioning:
  • Record the initial values ​​of the currencies at startup;
Record the current and temperature values ​​after the start time (If the currents are the same, of the sphere have not decreased, then the gyrosphere is faulty and its replacement by qualified specialists in the service center is required);
  • Start the tracking system, check its operation;
  • 3-4 hours after switching on the HA, check the position of the sensitive element in height, after the meridian, determine its correction;
5. Checking the mechanical part:
  • Drive belts, stepper motors and rotary encoders (encoders);
  • If there are faults in these elements, they must be replaced with new ones.
6. In case of malfunction of the computer part:
  • The power circuits are checked;
  • After the calculation of the faulty unit, if it is not suitable for repair, it is replaced by a new worker, or delivered to the service for repair at the stand. 
Maintenance of the gyrocompass is carried out in compliance with the documentation attached to it, and with the Rules for the technical operation of the electric and radio navigation instruments.

Gyrocompass  cooling system is an important component of its operation. Do not forget to replace the maintenance fluid at least once every 18 months.

Gyrocompass is very critical to shipboard power supply fluctuations. The accuracy of the gyrocompass in the meridian is checked by checking its readings with a magnetic compass, and also by determining the gyrocompass correction. Servicing is handled by a service technician.

Technical inspection of the gyro compass in the voyage provides daily monitoring of the temperature of the supporting liquid, the position of the gyroscope in height and the indications of the control and measuring instruments.

It is important to know that the repair and maintenance of the gyrocompass must be carried out by qualified specialists in the service centers in order to avoid further breakdowns.

In order to order the repair and maintenance of the gyrocompass, contact the manager by mail to sales@cirspb.ru or to the service department service@cirspb.ru
. Petersburg +7 (812) 679-09-10 and + 7 (904) 553-14-41,
and in Petrozavodsk +7 (8142) 57-80-30 and +7 (8142) 57-00-03.

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