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SPA 1500 team telephone apparatus

SPA 1500 team telephone apparatus
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Team telephone apparatus SPA 1500 - small warning system, which is designed for ships of small and medium size. SPA 1500 contains features large systems, but has a compact design. It is also possible to connect additional equipment. Team telephone apparatus SPA 1500 can cover up to three zones in any configuration. It has 2 options for connecting the entertainment unit, with the possibility of covering one of the areas of either internal / cassette / CD / radio player, or any external audio device. Just have a command of translational unit SPA 1500 there are additional options, such as: 3 different alarm priority or the ability to activate the emergency light display.




• SPA-1500 and power amplifiers are 19” rack mounting.

• 1510 rack is 6 U/19” h=338, w=553, d=600mm.

• 1530 rack is 12 U/19” h=604, w=553, d=600mm.

• Power requirement: 24VDC , 110-240VAC with automatic mains failure backup. (option).

• Power consumtion: Dependant of amplifiers used.

• Available amplifiers: 120W, 240W, 360W units.

• Related units: Relay unit 9000, Volume controls from 6-100W, Signal lights, PA loudspeakers

 (100V line).

• Microphone input level: 5mV (typical).

• External paging input/output level: 0dBm (typical).

• External paging activation: NO/NC dry contacts.

• Entertainment input level: 0dbm (typical).

• Amplifiers output level: 100V.

• SPA 1501/1506 control unit, flush or wall (option).

• Noise cancelling gooseneck -, or hand microphone.

• Backlight of switchpanel.

• 1501/1506 dimension: h=144, w=96, d=47mm

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