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Electric motors

Electric motors

Electric motors are devices in which electrical energy is converted into mechanical (rotational) energy, and also have the opposite function - to work as a generator. There are many types and sizes of electric motors suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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CompassNet Accessories

code name
Remote control and display unit NAVITWIN V

  074902-0000-000 5019 Remote control and NAVITWIN V display with color TFT display, controllable menus with illuminated control keys and switching buttons for 5 header sources for 24 VDC power supply and 24 VDC backup power 7 remote CDUs can be connected)
  039086-0000-000 Optional: Console frame, 223x127 mm (2x1), for remote control and NAVITWIN V display, as above

Converter and amplifier / converter and amplifier board

  074904-0000-000 5018 Converter and amplifier, for connection of one NAVIGAT 2200 or one fiber-optic gyro compass NAVIGAT 3000 to the main 
  025826-0000-000 5018-5100 Converter and amplifier board for connection of one NAVIGAT 2200 or one NAVIGAT 3000 fiber optic gyrocompass and a reference sensor ratio unit for installation in the data distribution unit (DDU) (up to 2 units can be installed in the DDU)

DDU Processor Board

 025786-0000-000 5017-2000 The second DDU processor board for installation in DDU

Source of power

  060447-0000-000 Power supply, input 85 - 264 VAC, output 24 VDC, 10A, IP20, for mounting on a carrier rail
  060450-0000-000 Diode module, 2x 2x 20A input, 1x 40A output, for combining two main or two redundant power supplies
  044759-0000-000 Housing for two power supplies 060447-0000-000 and one diode module 060450-0000-000, 300x300x210 mm, IP21

Set for installing CompassNet

  025965-0000-000 CompassNet mounting kit, including:
2x 044679-0000-000 RJ45 connector
2x 044738-0000-000 RJ45 connector for TS32 terminal rail
4x 044743-0000-000 RJ45 plug connector
4x 044742-0000-000 Patch cable, 0.5 m
2x 044740-0000-000 Patch cable, 5 m
  1001033 Cat-7 cable, ring 120 m

Magnetic sensors

  026026-0000-000 4863-1000
The magnetic sensor is only for the magnetic compass JUPITER,
  026083-0000-000 Mounting kit,
  033375-0000-000 2119-1411 Cable (4.0 m) with plug


  026085-0000-000 4963-2000
 Magnetic sensor with mounting material only for magnetic compass MARS, 
  033375-0000-000 2119-1411 Cable (4.0 m) with plug

Electromagnetic compass

  073504-0000-000 4990 Electromagnetic compass with NMEA 0183 interface (only for non-IMO vessels)

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