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New standards for ECDIS Amendment 1.

New standards for ECDIS Amendment 1.

In accordance with the mandatory provision of safety of navigation in the maritime industry, constantly being updated ECDIS products, which is associated with changes in the standards of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO).

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Gyrocompass System NAVIGAT 200

Single gyrocompass system NAVIGAT 200

A single gyrocompass system NAVIGAT 200 for connection to a 24 VDC power supply and a 24 VDC backup power supply with automatic static and dynamic error correction in the North speed, full automatic synchronization of the relay compasses, a speed of 100 ° / s, approved by the type of power in accordance with IMO Res. A.526 (13), approved for high-speed vessels (HSC) in accordance with IMO resolution A.821 (19), in accordance with IEC 61924-2 "Modular structure for INS", includes:

code name
  073517-0000-000 5026 Mastercompass NAVIGAT 200 with integrated control and display unit for connection to 24 V DC power supply and 24 V DC backup power supply
  022561-0000-000 4991-4000 Standard container for gyroscope Mod. 10/3 in a transport box that allows movement, tilt and freedom of rotation ± 40 °
  074829-0000-000 5000 Gyrosfere Type 3 in the shipping box
  074831-0000-000 5000-AA Special type 3 gyroscopes (HSC) in the transport box
  022638-0000-000 4914-3200 Installation kit
  074902-0000-000 5019 NAVITWIN Control and display unit with color TFT display, with illuminated menu control keys, for connection to 24 V DC power supply and 24 V DC backup power.
  074907-0000-000 5017 A data distribution unit for connecting all repeaters and peripheral users, including 1 DDU 025786-0000-000 processor module, for connection to a 24 V DC power supply and 24 V DC backup power supply

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