Iridium Certus 350

Iridium Certus 350 is a new service platform implemented on the basis of the satellite system Iridium NEXT. The unique architecture of this system provides accessibility, reliability and coverage, which no other satellite network can match. Iridium Certus 350 meets the most stringent requirements put forward by governments, aviation safety standards, covering the farthest sea spaces.

Service speed Iridium Certus 350 is 352 Kbps. This platform is capable of supporting applications such as streaming of flight data, VSAT redundancy and low-resolution video. Iridium Certus offers the fastest broadband L-band solution, supported by the world's only truly global network. Iridium Certus 350 will be upgraded to Iridium Certus 700 with firmware upgrade after the service is available.

  • Speed ​​(reception / transmission) - 352 Kbps
  • Data transfer in short bursts (SBD) Iridium Burst
  • Streaming - up to 256 Kbps
  • Number of telephone lines: 3
  • Application: commercial navigation, commercial fishing.

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