Gyrocompass Tokyo Keiki TG-8500

Tokyo Keiki TG-8500

Tokyo Keiki TG-8500
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Tokyo Keiki TG-8500 is based on TG-6000 model and is designed to work on high-speed vessels. It is fully compliant with the Regulations on the equipment of ships, IMO resolutions and technical regulations on the safety of maritime transport facilities.
TG-8500 is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Gyro has a fairly high rate of mining 75 / second., With an error to 0.3 , which allows high-quality set to Meridian. Compass bring the time in Meridian takes no more than 4 hours.
The main features of a gyrocompass Tokyo Keiki TG-8500 are:
  • automatic correction function of the speed error
  • The digital signal processing
  • Fast serial data output (IEC611-2)
  • Have 9 repeaters (including Auto Pilot).
  • Built-in timer start
  • Compatibility with NMEA 0183
  • Compatible with IBS
  • Low power consumption
  • Long service life
Since the design of the device provides an external location heading sensors, it saves space occupied, but also makes the TG-8500 model is fairly easy to maintain. Moreover hydrosphere requires maintenance fluid replacement. Due to the placement characteristics, it allows to construct a gyrocompass system configuration depending on the requirements for the vessel.
The principle of gyro Tokyo Keiki TG-8500 is the use of the mutual effects of gravity, the Earth's rotation and the main characteristics of 'gyro'. A gyroscope is a device that rotates at a fixed point on the periphery. Flywheel gyro rotates at high speed. Gyro is constantly rotated to maintain a fixed direction. Unlike conventional gyrocompass, when force is applied to the gyroscope axis of rotation, the rotational axis is created at right angles to the force. This constantly revolving motion effect called precession. In other words, the gyro is constantly pointing to the north, in any corner of the world, it is necessary to turn the gyro in the same direction with respect to the Earth's rotation.
  • Power - 100/110/115/220 VAC / 24 VDC
  • Consumption - up to 290 watts.
  • Operating temperature range - -10 C to + 50 C
  • Software - MCC Ver. 1.13 (Master Compass Unit), SCU Ver. 1.21 (Control Unit)
  • Accuracy - no more than 0,3
  • Time to bring in the meridian - about 240min.
  • The speed of working out the tracking system - 75 / s

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