Attitude-heading reference system PGM-VS-025


PGM-VS-025 - is a Attitude-heading reference system equipped with a sensor average accuracy of movement. Designed to determine the course of the vessel with respect to the geographical meridian, corner rolling and pitching and pitching angular velocity. Suffice it easy to maintain and has a low time availability. It meets the requirements of the IMO Resolution. Certified by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Information supplied to the Attitude-heading reference system from cable receiver GPS / GLONASS and on a signal from the lag. The navigation information is provided as a digital signal at the maximum speed of the vessel up to 70 knots, the maximum angle of trim and list up to 90 degrees.
PGM-VS-025 allows the user to carry out a hydrographic survey and dredging. It is used for navigation and positioning underwater, autonomous, remotely operated and towed vehicles.
Attitude-heading reference system PGM-VS-025 consists of:
  • CPU - the central unit - provides delivery to consumers of information about the course, and pitching angles of the channels with different transmission speeds of 4800 baud / sec to 38400 / sec.
  • Software - remote operator - used to display navigation information, operating modes and girogorizontkompasa troubleshooting and configuration of input and input signals.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Devices translation, repeaters and interface devices.
  • Recovery time - about 10 minutes
  • Steady error, : < 0,1 sec 
  • Dynamic error, : < 0,2 sec
  • Accuracy - 24
  • Power consumption - 30 W
  • MTBF - 40,000 hours
  • Interface - 4 x RS 422/2 x RS 232
  • Operating Temperature - -15 + 55 C
  • Dimensions of the CPU - 325x220x175 mm
  • Weight - 12.5 kg
  • Dimensions Software - 300x80x175 mm
  • Weight - 4 kg

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