Fire detectors Maxlogic

Fire detectors Maxlogic
Fire detectors Maxlogic - are a series of analogue addressable and alarm control panels, intended for an emergency alert the crew.
Work is provided on the basis of a unique communication protocol. High-performance detectors Maxlogic comply with the standards EN 54-2 / EN 54-4 and approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Expandable to 8 ring loops. The maximum capacity of the detectors - 1016 devices. It is also possible to connect a printer for printing the event log. Easy to install and use. When installing the technology used to protect against electromagnetic interference. Provide real time operation. Suffice aesthetic magazine.
There are 4 programmable remote control inputs and switching events 'fire' received from the detector. Time to first alert 1.5 seconds. You can set the mode of the day / night and classify up to 1,000 programmable zones, including the event log for each zone.
Analogue Addressable devices Maxlogic: Intruder alarm control panels Maxlogic:
ML-1230.N ML-1240.NP
ML-1231.N ML-1241.NP 
ML-1233.N ML-1243.NP
ML-1234.N ML-1244.NP
ML-1235.N ML-1245.NP
ML-1236.N ML-1246.NP
ML-1237.N ML-1247.NP
ML-1238.N ML-1248.NP
Conventional alarm control Maxlogic devices - represent more ekonomechnoe solution for medium and large sites. It provides a simple and reliable fire alarm system.
Conventional alarm control Maxlogic devices
Maxlogic devices comply with the standards EN 54-2 / EN 54-4 and approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
With the software, monitor and remote control cables. You can connect up to 256 loops at the same time, taking into account the presence of O 2 controlled 'fire' and 'failure'.
Have a memory for 1000 events. The control module relay. Ability to download from the event log memory of the device via the RS-485 port.
The control ML-322 device - provides reliable fire alarm and fire control, based on the principle of cross-zone (output activated after receiving a signal from the two loops at the same time) has 4 loops and one control output firefighting that can be programmed depending on the requirements project.
Complies with EN 12094. Approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
 Has 4 loops, 1 extinguishing control output. LCD display designed for 2x16 characters and adjustable backlight. Simplified tracking of work systems and work settings. Flex can be configured to work in the auto reset mode after the system from the state of the fire alarm. Programmable delay sounder output. Adjustable duration of extinguishing control output.
 Remote control mode 'Timer'. There are fire and fault indicators for each line. You can view the event log using the computer. Sending an event log on a PC or printing on a printer. The device can be configured to operate in manual or automatic mode.


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Fire detectors Maxlogic

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