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ECDIS and Mapping System

ECDIS and Mapping System

These ECDIS use the ENC material created in the standard using the WGS-84 mapping system.

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New terminal VSAT SAILOR 100 GX High Power

Cobham has announced a new VSAT SAILOR 100 GX High Power terminal, developed on the basis of the VSAT SAILOR 100 GX terminal for the Inmarsat Fleet Xpress service.
This is the new SAILOR GX meter system, which supports the new high level of Inmarsat for cruise and yacht plans with faster ascending lines and wider availability of the GX service worldwide. The system will come with a fully integrated 10-watt GaN BUC with a power of 10 W, which has twice the power compared to the standard GX system.

The new SAILOR 100 GX High Power also works with a unique solution for antenna diversity (operation with two antennas on a single GX-modem module, without additional expensive equipment).

Cobham will present SAILOR 100 GX High Power during the SMM in Hamburg this year, with expected first shipments in early October 2018. Come to the Cobham SATCOM booth to get acquainted with the latest SAILOR equipment.

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