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The Praxis Mega-Guard Wiper Control System (WCS)

The Praxis Mega-Guard Wiper Control System (WCS) controls up to 9 wipers, each with its own on / off button. Front and rear wipers are grouped together for simultaneous on / off.

The Praxis Mega-Guard Wiper Control System supports multiple operator panels. Standard equipment includes two wiper control panels, one at the nose of the bridge and one at the aft of the bridge. Operator panels are interconnected by an Ethernet network.

For ease of use, buttons for decreasing and increasing speed, heating and washing are available on the front panel. The washing function includes spraying, scrubbing and blowing. In low speed mode, the interval can be changed using the Interval + and Interval buttons. The wipers are synchronized with each other.

  • Screen diagonal - 5.7 inches
  • Ethernet ports - 4
  • Microprocessor - ARM
  • WCS operator panel - up to 4
  • Power supply: 19 ~ 32 VDC
  • Output Power: 24V DC (Max 90W)
  • Ambient temperature -25 ~ 70 ° C

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