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Cassens & Plath REFLECTA

Cassens & Plath.

Professional Reflecta magnetic compasses used on various types of vessels navigating the seven seas . Modularity components compass allows you to create different configurations to meet the wishes of the manifold . Quality, reliability and accuracy guaranteed for all products Cassens & Plath.

 Compasses type 'REFLECTA 1 ', 'REFLECTA 2' have Type Approval Certificate of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.Spherical compasses of Cassens & Plath designed for use on vessels of coastal navigation on large yachts , as well as (to a certain configuration) on high-speed patrol boats .Compass housing prevents himself from shock and vibration .Accuracy, thermal and dynamic characteristics are consistent with international standards.Special certificate issued after individual testing compass guarantees high quality of all products with the brand Cassens & Plath.

Magnetic compass Reflecta/1/Fiberline (Cassens & Plath, Germany) used worldwide . It meets all the most important national and international requirements.The set includes all the necessary components , such as the mirror magnetic compass, azimuth device , reflecting tube correctors (part stand - optional), lights , emergency lights and fasteners.Instead of the reflecting vertical tube can be mounted horizontally to the optical path length of two meters.If you want a longer optical path , select REFLECTA/2/Fiberline.

 REFLECTA 3/Fiberline are smaller compass binnacle compass with a diameter of 160 mm and is also used in the waters of all oceans.

REFLECTA 4 and 5 - is a model for coastal operation with low racks and devices without taking bearings .

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