AMI Marine KW810

AMI Marine KW810
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KW810 - the system for controlling the capacity of the watch officer (SKDVP), developed by AMI Marine. The KW810 automatically monitors the activity of the bridge. When the sensor detects motion on the bridge, it automatically resets the time counter.
The management of the KW810 system is as follows: an employee on the bridge must press a button after a specified period of time, otherwise an alarm will sound to wake him up. If after this the button is still not pressed, then another alarm is triggered, located in the captain's cabin and living quarters. SKWH KW810 is easy to install and use, it has convenient touch panel reset and control and an intuitive user interface. The KW810 is approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, and also complies with the requirements of MSC Resolution 128 (75) on operational requirements adopted by IMO.
Technical characteristics:
  • The processor unit is 225 x 165 x 100.5mm 12V DC
  • The motion sensor unit is 65 x 117 x 47 mm, 12 V DC
  • The device of the reset device is 120 x 90 x 50 mm, 12 V DC
  • The alarm unit is 93 x 93 x 120 mm, 93 x 93 x 120 mm. In the officers' cabin 120 x 90 x 50 mm
  • Supply voltage 12 V DC

Certificate RMRS
AMI Marine KW810
AMI Marine KW810

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