Battery LSH20

Battery LSH20
Battery LSH20 - is 3.6 V. Lithium-thionyl chloride. (Li-SOCl2) Size D - roll design elements. Batteries LSH20 used in alarm systems, security systems, emergency radio beacons, and the detection, GPS, instrumentation, Beacon tracking system, GSM-communicators.
High continuous operating voltage
High capacity at low currents
Low self-discharge (less than 3% after one year of storage at + 20 ° C)
Stainless Steel
Metal sealed insulation
Built-in safety valve
Fuse 5A
Non-flammable electrolyte
Certified Laboratories of the United States (file number MH 12609)
Restrictions for transport (class 9)
Rated emkost13.0 Ah
Open circuit voltage (at + 20 ° C) 3.67 in
Rated voltage (current 2 mA at + 20 ° C) 3.6
Switching current: 4000 mA
The maximum allowable current 1800mA
Temperature Range Storage (recommended) + 30 ° C (+ 86 ° F) max; during operation - 60 ° C / + 85 ° C
Max. diameter 33.4 mm
Max. Height 61.6 mm
Weight 100 g
The content of lithium equivalent ~ 3.8 g

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Battery LSH20

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