Gyrocompass system NAVIGAT 100


Gyrocompass system NAVIGAT 100

Single gyrocompass system NAVIGAT 100

A single gyrocompass system NAVIGAT 100 for connection to a 24 VDC power supply and a backup 24 VDC power supply with automatic static and dynamic error correction in the North speed, full automatic synchronization of the retransmission compasses, a speed of 100 ° / s, approved by the type of power in accordance with IMO Res. A.526 (13), approved for high-speed vessels (HSC) in accordance with IMO resolution A.821 (19), includes:

code name
  073518-0000-000 5026-AA Mastercompass NAVIGAT 100 with integrated control and display unit, built-in distribution terminal block for 24 VDC power supply and 24 VDC backup power supply
  022561-0000-000 4991-4000 Standard container for gyroscope Mod. 10/3 in a transport box that allows movement, tilt and freedom of rotation ± 40 °
  074829-0000-000 5000 Gyrosfere Type 3 in the shipping box
  074831-0000-000 5000-AA Special type 3 gyroscopes (HSC) in the transport box
  022638-0000-000 4914-3200 Installation kit

NAVIGAT 100 is NOT intended for use in multiple gyrocompass configurations with NAVITWIN V. 

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