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Light and sound speakers and signaling devices

Light and sound columns and signaling devices are designed to provide light and sound signals to emergency warning systems (APS) in engine rooms. They come in two types of power supply: 24V DC and 220V AC. The degree of protection of the light and sound signaling devices SS-24-C1 is IP44, for the rest - IP56.

Types of light and sound speakers and signaling devices:
  • SS-24-L1
  • SS-24-L2
  • SS-24-L2P
  • SS-220-L1
  • SS-24-C
  • SS-24-C3
  • SS-220-C
  • SS-220-C3
light and sound:
  • SS-24-C1
  • SS-24-C2
  • SS-24-C4
  • SS-220-C2
  • SS-220-C4
  • SS-24-SK5M
  • SS-24-SK9M
  • SS-24-SK11
  • SS-220-SK5M
  • SS-220-SK9M
  • SCREEN-S / NW / SU
  • SCREEN-M-S / SZ / SU

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