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Signaling equipment for ship systems (APS), type SS

A set of equipment for signaling ship systems (APS) type SS consists of the following components:

1. Panels APS - designed to receive and process signals from sensors of ship systems. They also include light and sound alarms when the parameters of the systems go beyond the permissible values. APS panels have a sound signal acknowledgment button and terminals for connecting the main and emergency power supplies.
Types of APS panels:
Remote control:
Panel version:
SS-24-30MSh IP56

2. Controllers for fire and watertight doors (SS-24-KP, SS-24-KV) - are used to complete the control system for fire and watertight doors. These controllers transmit signals from door position sensors to the alarm panel and receive signals from the panels to control door drives and activate local alarms.

3. Signal adders (SS-24-K2 (K4)).

4. Junction boxes SK4 (KR4 (S1); KR4 (S2)).

5. Distribution boxes KR16 (KR-16.12.08).

6. Electromagnetic holder ED-24-100.

7. Push-button stations PK (PK1, PK1A, PK2, PK3, PK4, PK6) - the number in the station designation indicates the total number of units of light-signaling equipment or switching products built into the post's body. Manufactured according to individual orders.

8. Power supply devices PPKD - provide power supply of APS equipment with voltage of 24V DC from a network of ~ 220V or = 24V.
  • PPKD-24-2; PPKD-220 / 24-2
  • PPKD-24-2Shkhkh_IP22; PPKD-220 / 24-2Shkhkh_IP22
  • PPKD-24-2Shkhkh_IP44; PPKD-220 / 24-2Shkhkh_IP44; PPKD-24-2Shkhkh_IP56; PPKD-220 / 24-2Shkhkh_IP56.

9. Posts of light and sound signaling SS - are used to provide light and sound signals at local posts, which can be completed with any of the systems listed in this section.
Types of light and sound signaling posts SS:
  • SS-24-C; CC-220-C - sound signaling station
  • CC-24-C1; CC-220-C1 - light and sound alarm post
  • CC-24-C2; CC-220-C2 - light and sound alarm post
  • CC-24-C3; CC-220-C3 - sound signaling station
  • CC-24-C4; CC-220-C4 - light and sound alarm post
  • SS-24-L; CC-220-L - light signaling post
  • SS-24-L2 - light post
  • SS-24-L2P - light post

10. Posts of light and sound signaling "Ekran" (EKRAN-S / SZ / SU; EKRAN-M-S / SZ / SU) - a board with text messages.

11. Light and sound speakers - provide light, sound and visual signaling of the APS systems:
  • SS-24-SK5M; SS-220-SK5M
  • SS-24-SK9M; SS-220-SK9M
  • SS-24-SK11; SS-220-SK11

Useful articles

 Valves used on the ship: needle, knife, reverse.

Valves used on the ship: needle, knife, reverse.

Needle valves can be thought of as miniature check valves in which the disc is replaced with a needle.