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Gas concentration measurement system and alarm system about reaching the PDK level

The system for measuring gas concentration and signaling that the PDK level has been reached is used for hazardous concentrations of gases and gases that can create explosive mixtures. The system measures gas concentrations and signals the achievement of the MPC level for hydrocarbons and freons (freons).

Gas sensors of the type approved by the Classification Society are used as sensors:
  • sensor for measuring the concentration of hydrocarbons STM-30M-10mdts (1ExdIICT4). The sensor is designed for continuous automatic measurement of pre-explosive concentrations of single hot gases, vapors of flammable liquids and their aggregate in the working area, and signaling when the set threshold values ​​are exceeded.
  • signaling device of freon leakage marine FR01-24-MR and FR01-220-MR. The alarms continuously monitor the state of the ambient air according to the threshold level of the concentration of freon vapors.

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