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System for monitoring the ability of machine personnel (SKDMP)

The system for monitoring the capability of machine personnel (SKDMP) is designed to ensure control of machine rooms by supplying warning light and sound signals to personnel. In case of detection of the incapacity of the machine personnel (not acknowledging the warning signal), the SKDMP sends light and sound signals to the bridge, to the chief mechanic and to other rooms.

The composition of the system for monitoring the competence of machine personnel:
  • Alarm panel SS-24-xxM or alarm panel SS-24-xxМЩ in the engine room or in the central control room.
  • KDMP posts for switching on the "personnel in MO" mode, installed at the entrances to the engine room.
  • Light and sound alarms in the engine room and in the central control panel to notify personnel about the expiration of the 30 minute timer and the need to restart it.
  • KDMP timer signal acknowledgment button.
  • Generalized signaling panels SS-24-xxMO or generalized signaling boards SS-24-xx POWER on the bridge, in the chief mechanic's cabin and other rooms.
  • Supply voltage = 24V
  • Mains voltage tolerance -10% + 6%
  • Own power consumption no more than 0.5W
  • Product weight no more than 0.3 kg

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