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System Manevr

System 'Move' (SOF, maneuvering indication tyfon)

We offer a control system signal-side lights (SOF), Typhon and lanterns manvroukazaniya further in this system has a control and maneuvering lamps SOF. Management interface includes circuitry vessel (because the boat). The chart is the switching off and on lights, shortcut buttons you have programmed configurations for inclusion. This system allows you to create several modes you comfortable SOF inclusions, such as parking lights mode, night mode, etc. 

Set the system 'Move'  consists of several blocks:

  1. Control panel designed for console mounting and switchboards performance, protection IP44.
  2. Push-button stations, available as an option, protection IP56 and IP44.
  3. PSU also has 2 mounting options, protection IP22, IP20
  4. Regular cable to connect the blocks.
  5. SPTA single
  6. Technical description and user manual
  7. Passport
  8. Certificate of Classification Society (RMRS, PPP)

When ordering system Maneuver in panel performance - vypoluchaete assembled system, whiling away the executed compact and very convenient. Uproavleniya node will be on the door panel and the main unit and power supply inside the box. IP22 protection box

Manage Typhon lantern maneuvering and signal-side lights (SOF) from the control panel. Lamp Control and maneuvering Typhon manually made with push-button stations.

The system has a standard power supply 24V DC or 220V AC power to operate lights, lantern maneuvering and Typhon. Power supply is designed to work as the main supply, and from backup, also has self-test 'Fault' and 'Power Failure'.

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