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Cargo tank control system

The cargo tank monitoring system manufactured by MPC Electronics checks the alarm circuits before starting cargo operations and gives an alarm when the power supply of the level sensors is lost. The system has:
  • two-level signaling by level (95% / 98%);
  • two-level pressure alarm (minimum / maximum);
  • level and pressure measuring system;
  • a flame control system on the cargo deck.
The composition of the cargo tank control system:
  • Sensors of the upper and limit levels in each tank, generating signals for two levels of cargo 95% and 98%:
  • SZHU-2-1 - for liquid light media (for example, diesel fuel, gasoline, etc.), installed one piece per tank or
  • SZHU-1-V - for viscous and bulk media (for example, fuel oil), two pieces are installed per tank).
  • Alarm panels SS-24-ХХМ or alarm panels SS-24-ХХМЩ at the control room of the ship, where ХХ is the number of input signals and indicators on the alarm panel (8, 15, 18, 30).
  • ShchPK power supply and switching board.
  • Ex-proof version of the upper "95%" level warning lamp for installation on the open deck in "zone 1".
  • Explosion-proof design luminaire for signaling the "98%" limit level of red color for installation on an open deck in "zone 1".
  • Explosion-proof siren for open deck installation in "zone 1".
  • Explosion-proof push-button station installed on the open deck in "zone 1", designed to acknowledge sound and reset light signals "95%" and "98%" by the operator of the PUGO.

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