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The IC-A25NE and IC-A25CE airborne handheld radios offer enhanced reliability and many advanced features in an ergonomic design and ease of use.

  • High RF output power 6W
  • Easy to use interface
  • Large 2.3-inch LCD
  • Built-in Bluetooth® for hands-free operation (for C-A25NE)
  • Intelligent battery with detailed battery status
  • VOR navigation functions (for C-A25NE)
  • Near station search function (for C-A25NE)
  • Built-in GPS receiver with simplified navigation point NAV (for C-A25NE)
  • Flight plans with Android ™ / OS ™ app (for C-A25NE)


      NAV and COM        NAV and COM channels     COM channels
      Frequency range      118-136.992 MHz (TX)
     108-135.992 MHz (RX)
    108-135.992 MHz (RX)
     Number of memory channels      300 channels/15 groups      300 channels/15 groups
     Channel spacing      25/8.33 kHz      25/8.33 kHz
     Type of emission      6K80A3E, 5K00A3E      6K80A3E, 5K00A3E
     Power supply requirement      7.2 V DC (BP-288), 11.0 V DC (External DC Jack)      7.2 V DC (BP-288), 11.0 V DC (External DC Jack)
     Current drain (approximately)      Less than 1.8 A (TX)
     Less than 500 mA
     90 mA typ. (GPS, Bluetooth, Light: OFF) (RX)
     Less than 1.8 A (TX)
     Less than 500 mA
     90 mA typ. (GPS, Bluetooth, Light: OFF) (RX)
     Antenna impedance      50 Ω      50 Ω
     Operating temperature range     −20 °C to +55 °C      −20 °C to +55 °C
     Dimensions (W × H × D;)
     (Projections not included)
     58.9 × 148.4 × 31.8 mm      58.9 × 148.4 × 31.8 mm
     Weight (approximately)      340 g (with BP-288)      340 g (with BP-288)

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