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Moving images to VisionMaster FT


The VisionMaster FT radar is installed on the ship, and we did not work with it, so tell us where to look for the problem. Navigator write that the picture on the radar "floats" - 10 minutes after turning on the picture again began to blur and move around the circle- Where to seek help.

This problem occurs due to malfunctions in the operation of the mechanics - the rotating mechanism and / or the azimuth counter.
There are several options - you need to disassemble the antenna and watch.

1 azimuth sensor (can be hammered due to dust from the belt)

2 azimuth disc (the number of teeth, if not broken) 

3 the disc holders have broken off and when there is resistance or the beginning of the rotation, there is a scrolling. There was such a marriage on old scanners.

vison scanner.png

4 worn belt. denticles are not captured

In the photo - at the bottom under the disk the azimuth sensor, the teeth on the disk under the belt, the holder on top with a 3 bolt fastening

In any case, the repair must be performed by a qualified technician

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