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Icom IC-A110

Icom IC-A110
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Aeronautical radio Icom IC-A110 operates in the frequency range 118-136 MHz. The radio is made in a durable lightweight aluminum body, which protects it from overheating, even when working at maximum capacity. The necessary information is displayed on a large monochrome display with backlight. Setting the frequency of possible steps 25kHz and 8 ZZkGts. 20 memory locations allow us to write the most commonly used frequency. At the station includes an option for scanning the working frequency range and channel memory. Built-in speaker (10 W). Meets military standard MIL-STD 810 E. Mains voltage 13.8 or 27.5, the radio station itself determines the voltage and switches automatically. 

  • Frequency range MHz 118.00000 -136.97500 
  • Number of Channels: 20 
  • Spacing (kHz): 8.33 / 25 kHz 
  • Modulation: AM 
  • Output Power (W): 36 
  • Supply Voltage (V): 12/24 In 
  • Dimensions: 150h50h180mm 
  • Weight (g): 1500 
  • Operating temperature (° C): -13 ° C ... +60 ° C.

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