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Aviation Portable radio ICOM IC-A14S

Aviation Portable radio ICOM IC-A14S
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IC-A14S - is a professional aviation radio. Suitable for use by operators on the ground objects. Meets protection standards MIL-STD-810F and has a high degree of protection IP-X4 from moisture. Equipped with a powerful 700 mW speaker and microphone with sensitivity adjustment function. The radio operates in the aviation frequency band 118.000 - 136,974 MHz and has access to the emergency frequency 121.5 MHz. Equipped with a button to activate the memory mode (call recording). It has the function of 'HOME' to return the station to the factory settings.
Aeronautical radio IC-A14S is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
100 programmable channels with alphanumeric designation to 8 characters, a shortened keyboard with key emergency call channel, a convenient high-contrast display with wide viewing angle and a plurality of operating modes of indicators. User-friendly design makes it possible to use IC-A14S even with gloves on and view the required information easily. Provided lock button controls. Also, the radio station has a night light. Thanks to its compact dimensions the device quite convenient to mount on your desktop belt or put in a bag without taking up much space.
Durable and robust housing made of impact-resistant materials. Resistant to vibration, temperature extremes. Station may be used at low atmospheric pressure. Integrated noise limiter ANL. There is a function SIDETONE, allowing to listen to the transmitted signals using a standard type of aviation headset.
The kit Icom IC-A14S station set includes:
  • Radio Icom IC-A14S
  • FA-B02AR Portable 20 cm antenna
  • BC-179 + BC-174E Mains Charger, Adapter (~ 16 hours)
  • BP-232N rechargeable Ni-MH battery, 2000 mAh, 7.2 V
  • MB-94 Clip fixing station for the belt, spring
  • Lanyard, wrist strap
  • Instructions Icom IC-A14S
  • The range of frequencies for transmission - 118-136.975 MHz
  • Frequency range at the reception - 108-136.975 MHz
  • The number of memory channels - 100
  • Power supply - 7.4
  • Working temperature - -10 C to + 60 C
  • The antenna connector - BNC 50 Ohm BNC
  • Power - Li-ion battery
  • Dimensions - 53x120x36,9 mm
  • Weight - 180g
Certificate RMRS

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