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IC-A120E - is a professional aviation radio station designed for network provide wireless connectivity. The station is mobile and suitable for panel mounting. IC-A120E is equipped with advanced technology, which can reduce the background noise up to 90%. It has the ability Bluetooth connectivity.

Certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

IC-A120E has 200 memory channels wounds commonly used frequencies. Operating Channels shortcut can be programmed without using a computer. Each channel can be given a name, in 12 characters.

High-matrix display ensures good visibility in all ambient conditions. The case is made of durable aluminum elements and is resistant to strong vibrations, high humidity, strong temperature fluctuations and dust penetration. When intense heat is provided by the work, thanks to which the station will serve a large amount of time. Simplicity and ease of operation is achieved by an ergonomic design IC-A120E. When using the optional headset, side tone function, it allows you to control the transmitted speech, so you can adjust the volume directly from the headset without using the station.

  • Channel spacing - 8.33 - 25 kHz
  • Frequency Response - 118 - 137 MHz
  • The number of channels - 200
  • Power - 36 Watt
  • Power - 12/24
  • Protection class - IP54
  • Dimensions - 160x45x193
  • Weight - 1.5 kg
Certificate RMRS
Сертификат IC-A12E

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