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Tron TR30 AIR

Tron TR30 AIR
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Tron TR30 AIR is only approved emergency VHF AM radio in compliance with SOLAS 74 reg. IV / 7 MSC 80(70 ) and a mandatory safety emergency radio on any SOLAS passenger, MODU and Polar Coded vessel. Tron TR30 AIR is MED-B approved. Tron TR30 AIR (part no. 101700) has optimized sound quality under all conditions - transmission as well as reception. The user-friendly design is developed in collaboration with end-users. Tron TR30 AIR Emergency VHF AM Radio is water-proof and floating with either battery (IP67). The radio is delivered with a sealed emergency battery, test battery, hand strap and a radio and battery holder.

Technical specifications

 Operating temperature range

 -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)

 Operating time, multi usage

 -20°C > 20 h


 W: 61 mm, H: 157 mm, D: 40 mm Depth with belt clip is 47 mm

 Full buoyancy



 Approximately 300 g battery included

 IP Code

 IP 67

 Frequency, 2 channels

 121.5 MHz, 123.1 MHz



 Channel spacing

 25 kHz


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