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Tron TR30 AIR

Tron TR30 AIR
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Tron TR30 AIR is only approved emergency VHF AM radio in compliance with SOLAS 74 reg. IV / 7 MSC 80(70 ) and a mandatory safety emergency radio on any SOLAS passenger, MODU and Polar Coded vessel. Tron TR30 AIR is MED-B approved. Tron TR30 AIR (part no. 101700) has optimized sound quality under all conditions - transmission as well as reception. The user-friendly design is developed in collaboration with end-users. Tron TR30 AIR Emergency VHF AM Radio is water-proof and floating with either battery (IP67). The radio is delivered with a sealed emergency battery, test battery, hand strap and a radio and battery holder.

Technical specifications

 Operating temperature range

 -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)

 Operating time, multi usage

 -20°C > 20 h


 W: 61 mm, H: 157 mm, D: 40 mm Depth with belt clip is 47 mm

 Full buoyancy



 Approximately 300 g battery included

 IP Code

 IP 67

 Frequency, 2 channels

 121.5 MHz, 123.1 MHz



 Channel spacing

 25 kHz


Useful articles

IMO Performance Standard for RADAR

IMO Performance Standard for RADAR

The article contains changes in the requirements for radar installations from various regulatory documents