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Air IC-A220 station

Air IC-A220 station - is designed to communicate with the aircraft during various operations. It is analogue IC-A200 station and IC-A210.

Durable and robust housing IC-A220 has a high-quality display station. It can be mounted in the cockpit. Installation is made thanks to a special mounting bracket. The package also includes additional adapters to connect the transceiver.

OLED Display - provides good brightness, auto-dimming, high-definition images. Possible to adjust the brightness level that would achieve optimum visibility by day and by night. The basis of the display OLED are organic LEDs.

Main functions:
  • automatic stack function (up to 10 memory channels)
  • Function using two channels simultaneously
  • GPS memory function
  • Intercom function with voice activation.
  • VFO scan
  • noise reduction function
  • You can receive NOAA weather service messages.
  • Emergency frequency - 121.5 Hz
  • Frequency range - 118,000 - 136,975 MHz
  • Carrier power - 8W
  • The number of channels - 20, 50, 10 (GPS)
  • Operating Temperature - -20 +50
  • Frequency spacing - 25 kHz
  • Dimensions - mm 160h34h271
  • Weight - 1 kg
  • Sensitivity - 2 mV

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