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Aircraft IC-A120 station

Aircraft IC-A120 station
  • RMRS
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Aircraft IC-A120 station - is a professional mobile radio. It provides a wireless connection to the network. It works in a variety of environments.
Basic radio functions:
  • 7 Programming buttons for easy use
  • control function turn-based frequency tuning
  • function Bliuetooth
  • The noise canceling function
High-quality dot matrix LCD display provides good visibility.
Durable and robust aluminum housing is resistant to strong vibrations, high humidity, increased atmospheric pressure and strong temperature fluctuations. Protected against dust. When intense heat is provided by the work, thanks to which the station will serve a large amount of time. Simplicity and ease of operation is achieved by an ergonomic design IC-A120.
Package Included:
  • Transceiver
  • Microphone (external)
  • Staples for fixing
  • instructions
  • Frequency range: 118.000 - 137.000 MHz
  • The number of channels - 200
  • Power - 36 Watt
  • Power - 12/24
  • Dimensions - 160h45h193
  • Weight - 1.5 kg
  • Protection Class - IP-54 (dust and humidity)
Certificate RMRS

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