Antenna complex RAK-12

Antenna complex RAK-12
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Antenna complex RAK-12

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The river antenna complex RAK-12 is intended for operation as part of HF radio stations of river vessels, having a space sufficient to install a long antenna (12 meters). The availability of this antenna is only possible if there is a reliable grounding for the Vertex Standard FC-40 antenna tuner.

The antenna complex includes a RAK-12 antenna produced by Radial and an antenna tuner Vertex Standard FC-40. Initially, the antenna was designed to provide radio communication in the low-frequency section of 1630-1930 kHz. To increase mechanical strength, the conductors are made of steel cord with several copper wires in a PVC sheath. To ensure a stable geometry, four PVC plastic rings are used.

  • Frequency range 1600-25600 kHz
  • Size 12 m (length of antenna)
  • Weight 2.5 kg
  • Operating temperature range -40 ° С / + 55 ° С
  • Maximum power 400 watts 

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