Antenna CIR ACM

Antenna CIR ACM
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Antenna CIR ACM

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The CIR ACM antenna is a compact GPS/GLONASS antenna with a moisture-proof and hermetic housing. Suitable for use on any type of boat.
The antenna has high noise immunity, low noise figure and low intermodulation.


  • Receiving frequency 1575.42 MHz
  • Power supply 2.7 - 5.0 V
  • Operating temperature range -40°C ~ +50°C

GMDSS equipment inspection frequency 27.11.2019 GMDSS equipment inspection frequency
In order for the GMDSS equipment to function properly and efficiently in case of emergency, it is important that seafarers understand its purpose and perform the necessary maintenance on board the vessel in order to maintain it in working condition and make the best use of the GMDSS equipment