Shore Based Maintenance

You can send a request to e-mail service@cirspb.ru
If you have any questions, please contact Petersburg (+7 812) 679-09-10 and +79045531441, in Petrozavodsk: (+7 8142) 57-80-30 and (+7 8142) 57-00-03.
Shore-based maintenance is the provision of the most convenient, fast and high-quality service of out-of-service equipment in the near convenient ports, in accordance with the requirements of the administration and the classification society.
The Group of Companies "Communication & Radiobavigation" provides professional and consulting services for the implementation of the Coastal Technical Maintenance of the vessel. Our many years of experience working with radio and navigational equipment in the fleet, allowed us to build and establish our own system of control over the service. Structured work on ship maintenance, reduction from 10% of cost to expenses, as well as remote service and training of crews working with equipment - the main advantages of the company "Communication & Radionavigation".
The provision of qualified technical maintenance of the fleet is paramount importance for us.
 We provide such services as:
  • Remote assistance for troubleshooting and repair of equipment (providing the crew with an algorithm of action remotely for troubleshooting, advising and forwarding the required description)
  • Consultations of the general plan (section for the company at the company's technical forum for solving problems on general issues (determining the composition of equipment, selecting brands, models of equipment, searching for ways of realizing the tasks) by our technical specialists and marketers)
  • Maintenance of the fleet database (carried out through a closed online service, which maintains a base for each vessel according to the model of equipment, the terms of replacing consumables, the last services rendered for each specific equipment, the terms of the annual equipment inspection, with the possibility of access from mobile devices)
  • Organization of the service (selection of the best in the price-quality ratio of service anywhere in the world, organization of supplies of spare parts from the manufacturer, payment of foreign accounts)
  • Training of crews (trip to the ship of a technical specialist, training in the operation, prevention and maintenance of equipment, providing user descriptions and necessary data for troubleshooting by the crew)
  • Drafting and approval of the project documentation (our specialist will select the best variant of execution of project documentation, accelerated approval, work with many classification societies)
  • Estimation of the rendered and prospective service (an approximate calculation of transportation, work and possible spare parts costs is performed for the service that was or is planned to be ordered taking into account regional peculiarities)
  • Registration of licenses and registrations (compilation and filing of an application for obtaining a license of a ship's radio station, registration of the EPIRB, Inmarsat, SSAS, LRIT, float-free VDR capsules)
  • Virtual disk space (storage of service certificates, annual audit certificates, project documentation and other information on the online service, with the ability to access from mobile devices) 
Timely passage of the annual shore service guarantees prolongation of working capacity and increase of safety of navigation.

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