Crew training

Together with the supply and maintenance of equipment, our company can provide FREE initial training for crew members on how to properly operate equipment with the help of our highly qualified staff engineers.
Training on equipment will be held in the office of our company at the stands in the service department.

At the moment, our engineers, being on the ship on one or another application for the installation of new equipment, advise the crew on the proper work with it. But, in the case when a replacement crew is on the ship, who may not know all the subtleties and operating conditions of the equipment, and in order to avoid any malfunctions and, as a result, additional costs, the customer can fully trust us and send people for re-training.

  • Demonstration of functionality, features and advantages of the selected equipment;
  • The theoretical and practical part, where you can independently test the equipment in work at the stand;
  • Recommendations on completing the vessel with additional equipment, as well as professional selection of the necessary devices, if required.

  After completing the initial training, the customer will receive practical skills in the use, maintenance and testing of equipment, troubleshooting and receive an algorithm of actions, this knowledge will be useful to you in the future.

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