Installation Switchboards on Ships

The main power distribution devices on the ship are the main switchboard, emergency switchboards and other switchboard (see below for more details about these devices).  They are responsible for the management of ship's power supply, protect the power grid and monitor the changes in the parameters of the ship's electrical equipment.   It is therefore important to monitor their working condition, find and repair faults on time.

Shipboard switchboards ensure the reception and distribution of electricity throughout the electrical equipment on the ship, or for individual segments or devices. It is the coverage and the distribution switchboards on the ship differ.
  • Main electric switchboard connects the sources of electricity to the ship's network, manages the operation of ship's power sources and distributes it between the ship's equipment.
  • Emergency switchboard  connects the ship's network with emergency power sources, manages the operation of ship's emergency power sources and distributes it among the ship's equipment.
Secondary shields:
  • The regional switchboard  distributes electricity within the area (area) and provides several switchboards with electricity;
  • The cut-off switchboard is connected to the power supply via the switchboard and distributes  electricity within the ship's compartment,
  • A group distribution switchboard distributes  electricity between receivers of the same purpose grouped together,
  • The receiver's switchboard supplies power to a separate receiver, and controls its operation,
  • The power supply panel from the shore connects the ship's ship's network and the shore electrical network or networks of another ship.

Group of company "Communication and Radio navigation" provides services on installation and repair of ship's electrical distribution devices. Thanks to a wide range of specialists, our company is ready to provide quality repair of all types of boards and any complexity.
You can call a specialist by sending an e-mail request to  service@cirspb.ru .

If you have any questions, please contact the service department by phone:

in St. Petersburg (+7 812) 679-09-10 and +79045531441,
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