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Bridge equipment

Bridge equipment

This describes the standard nautical and nautical package of equipment required for unrestricted vessels. With the advent of satellites and sophisticated computer systems, navigation has evolved to a precision all-weather instrument.


The agreement between TRC MARINE ELECTRONIC and Communication and Radionavigation SPb is aimed at close cooperation to provide the necessary technical and commercial support. This will allow us to quickly solve the problems and needs of customers.

TRC MARINE ELECTRONIC is a company providing services for the supply and maintenance of communication and radio navigation equipment. The main office is located in Istanbul (Turkey). The company provides services and customer support 24/7.

Several successful joint works showed a high result: we were able to carry out a lot of planned work and quickly find a solution to unforeseen breakdowns of communication and navigation equipment on sea vessels, while reducing the time and costs of customers.

It was decided to conclude a cooperation agreement to strengthen long-term and fruitful cooperation.

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