01 October, 2021

...our competitors are sleeping and seeing this news in sweet dreams, smacking their pillows. It's nice, of course, when they constantly think about you, but frequent hanging in a parallel reality, as a rule, does not lead to good. What can't be said about the real world...

The successful exhibition presented many new partners who appreciated the great potential of our company, which is always nice. But with the regularity of the morning cockcrow, voices were heard about our imminent death in terrible agony. Admires the many-year perseverance of the singers, who are able to go to the arrangement of their affairs, and not to look jealously at other people's achievements.

Yes, it happens, someone expands the staff, deals with their professional growth, opens new representative offices, as we did recently on Sakhalin. In a word, he conducts a capitalization plan for the company, moving along all development vectors. And someone, having no potential and suffering from a complex of unrealized ambitions, acts somewhat differently, trying to lower the level of a competitor to his own. The techniques are known and as old as the world: lies, slander and conspiracy.

To say that we don't care about it would be untrue. You can't think like that, about a peskily ringing fly over your head or a screaming rowdy neighbor behind the wall, who used another check out of envy for your success. Fleeting irritation, that's what words come in such cases.
What should I do in such a situation? Smile condescendingly and follow the motto of our company: do what you have to and be what will be.

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