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Supporting Liquid stock number 044810


Sperry Marine announces the release of a new supporting fluid for gyrocompasses, which completely replaces the previous one with the number 049050. The 
already well-known liquid for supporting the gyrosphere with the number 049050 (bottle with a white label) is no longer available.

It is replaced by the recently introduced new maintenance liquid with the number 044810 (a bottle with a green label).

New supporting fluid can be used for maintenance without restrictions in all previous types of containers for the gyrosphere:

Gyro container of mod 7/1 (mercury type)
Gyro container of mod 7/2 (mercury type)
Gyro container of mod 10/1 (mercury type)
Gyro container of mod 10/2 (mercury type)
Gyro container of mod 10/3 (mercury type)

IMPORTANT: in the new  10/4 gyrocontainer only the new support liquid 044810 should be used!

New support liquid with the number 044810 is already available in our warehouse. Existing and future orders with number 049050 will be automatically transferred to the supply of liquid with number 044810.

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