Discontinued SAILOR SART II

19 February, 2020

SAILOR SART II radar transponder has been part of the Cobham SATCOM GMDSS product line for over 15 years and will now be discontinued. The reason is the development of technology and the emergence of new opportunities.

Since 2012, an RLS such as SAILOR SART II has been increasingly replaced by AIS SART - for example, SAILOR 5052 AIS SART (catalog number: 405052A-00500). SAILOR 5052 AIS SART is fully endorsed by the GMDSS and provides much more accurate positioning for distressed sailors.

SAILOR 5052 AIS SART provides a number of benefits, including:

  1. Wider range of signals.
  2. Prevents the effect of attenuation during rain.
  3. Transmits GPS coordinates.
  4. It has a longer battery life.
  5. Lower cost.

For this reason, in the future, Cobham SATCOM will supply the SAILOR 5052 AIS SART that fully complies with GMDSS search and rescue transponder at a lower unit price than SAILOR SART II. Now the rest of the equipment is being delivered.

Warranty and after-sales service will be carried out in accordance with normal product procedures in accordance with the Customer Protection Plan (CPP). Warranty and repair work on SAILOR SART II will be carried out, and the new offer will be SAILOR 5052 AIS SART.


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