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Repair of FleetBroardband

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Iridium Certus

Iridium Certus

Iridium Certus is a technological platform developed on the basis of the network of new generation Iridium NEXT satellites. 


The Communication and Radionavigation company presents you with a unique service for Russia! FleetBroadband repair. A stand for diagnostics and repair of any part of the FBB has been assembled at our repair base.

Our crazy pens have fixed several "non-repairable" faults on the SAILOR FBB. Feeling the taste of victory, we decided to consolidate our knowledge and ... wow! Now we are ready to help you and save a lot of time and money, because previously, if the FBB broke down, you just had to buy a new one.

You can read more about the service

        ремонт fleetBroadband Связь и Радионавигация.jpeg

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