Work in a new reality!

18 August, 2022
Our commercial director Renat Asaev talked to the Media Club on an important and relevant topic now: Communications, radio and navigation in the fleet in a new reality

With the departure of foreign companies, the field of sales of communication and navigation equipment for ships turned out to be one of the most vulnerable positions, including due to the large volume of automation and electronics elements used. In addition, the maintenance of devices and systems plays an important role in this area, which means that various components are constantly required. How our industry is developing in the new reality — read below.

P: Renat, which brands of communication and navigation equipment have left the Russian market, and which ones have remained? 

Regarding the departure of certain manufacturers, it is difficult to say unequivocally, since many suppliers and manufacturers of equipment are still in a dynamic status – they work with us through partners and intermediaries. 

In general, we continue to work with many companies from Europe and North America. Deliveries are proceeding normally. 

P: What is meant by the term "left the market" in different cases? Selling production to local companies, stopping investments in marketing, completely stopping sales, and so on. 

It is quite categorical to say "they left the market", since most suppliers prefer the wording "they imposed a supply restriction". Many also speak cautiously about this in the key of "temporarily".

Restrictions have been imposed on most deliveries to the Russian Federation, regardless of the final recipient of the goods. This also applies to all orders for vessels under the flag of the Russian Federation, including in foreign ports. 


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