Next generation of maritime VSAT

16 June, 2021

COBHAM is announce the launch of the new SAILOR XTR™ antenna platform and the first of the next generation antenna system based on it, the SAILOR 1000 XTR™ Ku. SAILOR XTR™ integrates the pioneering features and benefits of the well-proven SAILOR VSAT antenna technology into a new platform developed in-house by our expert R&D team.
The new XTR platform unifies cutting-edge software, new powerful control electronics and mechanics that together unlock capabilities to optimise every aspect of VSAT antenna operation and management. SAILOR XTR™ is a true future-proof VSAT antenna platform, with integral readiness for operation and easy conversion to different frequencies and networks on geo-stationary satellites, and forthcoming non-geosynchronous satellite constellations.

The SAILOR XTR™ antenna platform is at the heart of all new SAILOR VSAT antenna systems and the power behind unique capabilities that maximise network performance and optimise customer service.
As our next generation VSAT antenna platform, it is designed to help service providers to simplify hybrid and remote connectivity with the introduction of an Ethernet port inside every SAILOR XTR above-deck unit. This enables the seamless integration of third-party devices such as cellular devices or Wi-Fi access points. Data from these devices is securely routed at 1Gbps, to an Ethernet port on the new SAILOR XTR™ Below Deck Unit via the single coax cable.
While providing unrivalled RF performance for reliable crew, business and operational connectivity, SAILOR XTR™ antennas also work seamlessly as part of the maritime Internet of Things. Built-in IoT protocols such as MQTT4, SNMP and RESTful API enable ‘self-reporting’ as part of any typical satcom solution, ensuring that service provider technicians have access to detailed and up-to-date antenna information for preventative maintenance and optimised troubleshooting.
Building on advantages made with our current generation SAILOR VSAT, the next generation SAILOR XTR™ antenna systems enable the fastest and easiest possible rollout on customer vessels or fleets. Rapid Deployment Technology delivers hassle-free installation and the single coax cable as standard simplifies things further. Saving even more time, critical commissioning functions are software controlled and do not require mechanical intervention.
4 MQTT = Message Queuing Telemetry Transport is a lightweight, publish-subscribe protocol that transports messages between devices and servers.

SAILOR XTR™: Meet the game-changing products
Leveraging Cobham SATCOM’s unique R&D facilities and VSAT antenna leadership, the SAILOR 1000 XTR™ Ku is a technology-leap that enables the streamlined provision of diverse global satellite connectivity services with unrivalled reliability for safer, greener and more efficient digital ship and fleet management.
The SAILOR 1000 XTR™ Ku will be the first of our new generation software-controlled antenna systems designed for quick deployment, operational reliability and simplicity, and best-in-class RF performance. It leverages the full power of the SAILOR XTR™ antenna platform and features a new simplified and robust pedestal for better antenna performance and simplified conversion between Ku- and Ka-band.
Antenna has been thoroughly tested using our unique Advanced Dynamics Simulator as well as at sea. We installed the first SAILOR 1000 XTR™ Ku on a vessel operating in Scandinavian waters in early 2021. A commercial off-the-shelf LTE device mounted inside the antenna is providing our engineers with real-time antenna data to monitor performance and many parameters critical to reliable satcom and IT operation on-board.
The testing provided real world proof that SAILOR 1000 XTR™ Ku is a true next generation, high performance and easy to manage VSAT antenna system with unrivalled potential to support delivery and further development of VSAT services now and in the future.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) and items included
There are two versions of the new SAILOR 1000 XTR™ Ku. The 8W and 16W BUCs are the same form factor and weight, and can therefore be interchanged easily.

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