Navtex with River Certificate

20 December, 2018

Navtex Furuno NX-700A and NX-700B receivers received a certificate of approval from the Russian River Register.
At the moment it is the only Navtex receiver approved by PPP.

According to the rules of the River and Maritime Registers, the installation of the Navtex receiver is obligatory if the ship flies to any area where the international service NAVTEX is provided.

Furuno NX-700A / B has been tested and fully comply with the requirements of the River Register.

For purchase, please contact the sales department:  sales@cirspb.ru  and by phone in St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 467 36 73.

NAVTEX is an international automated warning system whose stations every four hours carry out coordinated transmission of maritime safety information (navigation warnings, meteorological warnings, information on search and rescue operations, as well as other information affecting the safety of navigation in these stations ), and receivers - automatic reception of the specified information at a frequency of 518 kHz using narrow-band direct-printing (UBHR) telegraphy on ang Iisko language.

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