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Furuno NX-700A/B

Furuno NX-700A/B
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FURUNO  NX 700 - Dual-channel receiver NAVTEX for ships SOLAS , which corresponds to the quality standard MSC.148 (77) . 

NX-700 can receive two channels simultaneously. One channel operates at a frequency of 518 kHz to receive international messages NAVTEX; another channel can be configured for any of the frequencies in the range from 490 to 4209.5 kHz for receiving local messages NAVTEX. Messages include a variety of safety information at sea, including navigational warnings, weather reports, information on search and rescue (SAR) and other information for ships sailing in the station's coverage. If you connect the NX-700 GPS-navigator broadcast station can be selected automatically according to the location of the vessel. 

All incoming messages are stored in non-volatile memory (no information is destroyed after a power outage) and displayed on a clear 5 'silver LCD. Three different font sizes, are selected from the menu. 

NX-700 is equipped with a thin display, receiver and antenna - all devices have the graceful dimensions. NX-700P includes a printer. compact, umbrella antenna (H-field) does not require grounding. Moreover, the antenna is equipped with a compact high-performance preamp , which provides a reliable and uninterrupted reception without an extra whip antenna.


  • Simultaneous reception of two channels: 518 kHz and at any frequency in the range of customizable 490-kHz 4209.5 kHz (setup menu)
  • Fully complies with IMO MSC.148 (77), type approval MED (GMDSS requirements)
  • 5-inch QVGA LCD Silver
  • The configuration consists of three components (display, receiver, antenna (H-Field)
  • Available receiver Navtex, compatible printer (NX-700P, optional)
  • Output messages in ASCII characters via RS-232C (for connection to a serial printer)
  • Store over 200,000 characters
  • Includes preamp with a lightweight, compact antenna provides reliable uninterrupted reception
  • Power saving
  • Navigation data display works as NMEA repeater for GPS and other devices

Certificate RMRS
Certificate RMRS 'NX 700'
Brochure 'NX 700'

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