IACS 2020 Blue Book

30 January, 2020

The International Association of Classification Societies announces the release of the IACS Blue Book for January 2020 and the accompanying IACS Green Book.

These publications summarize IACS technical results and continue to demonstrate IACS technical support for the shipping industry.

The IACS Green Book is intended for daily use and contains all current IACS resolutions and recommendations, as well as their history and technical background.

The Green Book is updated every time a new or revised IACS Resolution or Recommendation is uploaded to the IACS website, making it an ideal reference document for anyone who wants to refer to the current IACS Resolutions. Since the Green Book contains only current material, the file size is smaller and therefore better suited for download and use in the field.

The IACS Blue Book is an electronic library of all technical resolutions adopted by IACS as a result of its technical work, and remains the main reference tool for the Association, containing, like all previous versions of IACS publications, and historical data. It is updated and published once a year. Together, these publications illustrate well how the goals and objectives of IACS are implemented in the interests of international transport and contain:

· Unified IACS requirements that IACS members include in their rules.

  • Uniform interpretations of the requirements of the IMO convention that IACS members apply uniformly, acting on behalf of the authorizing flag administrations, unless otherwise indicated.

  • Procedural requirements governing the practice of IACS members.

  • Recommendations related to resolutions adopted, which are not necessarily class related, but which are considered useful by IACS to provide some recommendations for the maritime industry.

  • Quality documents containing a description of QSCS (IACS quality system certification scheme), requirements for a quality management system, audit requirements, requirements of ACB (accredited certification bodies) and other quality procedures.

  • The IACS Charter and IACS procedures that define the purpose, as well as the purpose and working procedures of the Association.

These publications are of interest to ship designers, consultants, shipbuilders, classification societies, shipowners, ship brokers, insurers, associations, accredited certification bodies, flag states, port state controls, memorandums of understanding and the shipping industry as a whole and are available for download. for free, on the IACS website.

International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) is an international association of classification societies that aims to develop standards and rules for ensuring the safety of shipping. 

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