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Lloyd's Register Received Approval

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Valves - gate valves and marine throttle valve

Valves - gate valves and marine throttle valve

Many pipelines have been laid on the ship to transport various liquids.

Approval has been obtained in accordance with the requirements of Lloyd's Register for the approval of Communications and Radionavigation SPb as a supplier of consumables.

Lloyd's Register (English. Lloyd's Register of Shipping) - the largest classification society in the world. LR is an international company owned by the Lloyd's Register Foundation and provides services in the field of engineering, technical development, inspection and certification.

In the maritime sector, the Lloyd's Register is the leading provider of classification services worldwide, which guarantees international recognition of the level of safety and environmental sustainability at every stage of the life cycle of ships, marine equipment, systems and mechanisms. Also in the sector are services in consulting, examination and inspection of vessels, technical and industrial evaluation of new structures, development of technologies and research activities, technical support, organization of training courses and trainings.

LR works with new technologies and innovations in the maritime sector that help customers achieve high performance in shipping and shipbuilding. 

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