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Closure of the 2014 navigation

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Spare parts for JRC

Spare parts for JRC

Spare parts for JRC equipment

This year the closing of navigation in the St. Petersburg and termination wiring bridges on the Neva and Malaya Neva is set November 30 for the other bridges along the Neva River at the sleeves on 15 November.
Recall that before the conservation vessel must be removed for the winter batteries, liquid crystal displays and other equipment that is not rascchitano deposited in sub-zero temperatures, such as gyro sensor, and store in a dry, warm room.
Alkaline batteries should be discharged, and acid - is fully charged. Also, it is recommended to dismantle navigation devices (VHF station, GPS, radar, etc.).
Our company offers services for dismantling and winter storage of equipment on warm warehouses. To call a specialist, please call (812) 445-27-01 or send a request to the mail cirspb@mail.ru

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