Surveillance System, manufactured by Orlaco - is, at the moment, one of the two types of equipment that are certified RMRS and PPP on CCTV systems. Reliability and ease of use it has no equal, even among video surveillance systems that do not have a certificate. 

 Company Policies Orlaco builds on the complete satisfaction of customers, constant release of new equipment and update old appliances, while maintaining a constant list of service companies that are willing to provide skilled services in many world ports. Automated production is performed at the highest level, in accordance with the standard of TS16949, the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register. All equipment is included in the delivery is complete documentation required for installation and maintenance.
 Installing a video surveillance system on the ship - you ensure safe working conditions, allows the operator to see more area, providing a visual control of the situation on the ship. The system allows time to identify threats, accidents and accidents. A visual feedback in real time from any remote location helps to quickly make effective decisions. 
Using cameras also improves ergonomics and comfort level of the operator. Furthermore, the possibility of transmission of video images over the network to inform allows several employees at a time of a situation in real time. 
Our company offers you supply, manufacturing project with the approval and installation of video surveillance systems Orlaco on your ships. Our engineers have been trained to work with the equipment and have the necessary qualifications.
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Types of cameras:
Camera with auto focus 
• Includes 6-meter multicore cable equipped tion 7-pin female connector
• Power supply 12-24 VDC. current at a cable length less than 50m 
  Power supply 18-24 VDC. current for cable lengths over 50m
• Dimensions: 260x140x122 mm (without bracket)
0103530 Camera AF-Zoom Aluminum
0103480 AF-Zoom Camera Stainless Steel
Imaging ir camera
• The imager based on an uncooled microbolometer  vanadium oxide (VOx)
• Includes 6-meter multicore cable equipped schenny 7-pin female connector
• Lens Angle 25 ° (detection zone up to 450 m)
• Housing, nitrogen filled, 100% waterproof to  IP69 standard
• Operating Temperature: -40 to +80 ° C
• 2,6 kg
• 12-30 VDC. current max. 8 W
• Resistant to vibration and overloads
• 2-fold and 4-fold increase
0103730 Camera TIC, 9 Hz
01037 ** Camera TIC stainless, 9 Hz
Dome Camera
0506920 PTZ Dome Camera
• dimensions: 150 x 250 mm
• Weight: 2600 g
• Operating Temperature: -20 to +55 ° C
• Waterproof standard IP69K (allowed about rinsing under high pressure)
PTZ camera
0506950 PTZ Camera Aluminum
• Aluminium  0506910 PTZ Camera Stainless Steel
• Stainless steel
Camera PTTIC
0506970 PTTIC with aluminum housing, 9 Hz
• Aluminium
0506980 PTTIC with stainless steel 316 9 Hz
• Stainless steel
Luggage CPH
a small camera with a rugged construction designed for  installation of vulnerable areas.
0199000 Camera CPH 51 ° (PAL)
• CMOS sensor, Light sensitivity: 1.0 lux
• Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 ° C
• Waterproof IP69K according to DIN 40050-9 
• Includes 0.6 m cable with waterproof stranded emym 4-pin connector
• Fixed lens, angle of aperture: 51 °

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