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Why do you need radio telex (NBDP) in GMDSS equipment on board?

Why do you need radio telex (NBDP) in GMDSS equipment on board?

What is radio telex on board for and how to use it

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Interface combining UHF / VHF radio stations with ACM & PAGA systems

This Vingtor-Stentofon technology, which combines radio communications and telephony, opens up new opportunities for the organization of intradepartmental communication.

The system uses components designed specifically for professional use in the sea. 
Digital new generation VHF radios MOTOTRBO have the opportunity to connect to the ship's ATS through the VoIP module TKIS-2 as IP phones.

The shipboard automatic telephone exchange   ACM Vingtor-Stentofon supports a wide range of traditional, IP and wireless communication terminals for the ship environment. With its help, telephony and VHF radio are combined into one common communication system. The ACM system is very user-friendly. The device is mounted in a rack, providing easy access to all terminal blocks on the back of the rack. The system, approved by DNV, Rina, CCS and CRS as an integrated communication system for two-way communication, ship-to-public communication (PA) and general alarm (GA).

As the PA / GA is the Zenitel SPA-V2 system , which has successfully proved itself during the operation. The system is available in different versions and offers a set of standard and additional functions that cover the requirements for the marine GHS system and general alarm for all types of vessels. The loudspeakers of the SPA system are used in conjunction with the built-in ACM to cover areas where PA and GA are required on board.

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